Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First post of NaWriNoMo

This is the first of (hopefully) many posts leading up to the culmination of a 50,000 word pile of utter crap. Click below and then gouge out your eyes in horror of the badness of my writing.

I was born, to the suprise of many, to humble circumstances in a suburban house (actually a hospital, but I hardly spent any time there) in what would change from the "boonies" into the suburbs. A home in every way normal, mother and father married and happy, eventually a few siblings and a some pets. The pets came and went depending on their lifespans and the amount care my attention span allowed them. Living a life fairly normal with no perverts of a type inclined to harass me.

My home originally was at the intersection of a road leading west and a road leading north to a rather large pile of sticks and dirt. After it rained, I remember going to the pile of sticks to see the tiny waterfalls that would form on it with the filthy water from the cow pasture to the north. Growing up being told that I was gifted. A prodigy at nothing, but good enough to get annoyance from every teacher in my elementary schools (catholic, then the heathen public school) to participate in some of the extracurricular activities. The halcyon days when only wanting to read books and think was treated as genius rather than antisocial behavior. "He reads so much, but I never see any evidence of it" one said.

Putting this down for now, it's semi-autobiographical, but in the style of "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" by Lenny Bruce so interspersed with fiction to speed up the boring bits (meaning it will be mostly fiction, particularly High School).


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