Sunday, October 01, 2006

His novel was refused and his movie was panned. [a concession to the usual content of blogs]

Done this once before, but I thought I might as well let my pitiful personal life shine through. Just feel like ranting. Ignore it or click below to continue.

I guess the major reason I haven't written more here is a general feeling of anger and disgust I get whenever I am around people too long. I get a little too morose as I am ignored and given guff for any emotion that I express (some people understand, but most don't). I'm sorry, but I have had one relationship from the age of 15 and that one was a little bit fucked up . I spent my childhood jumping between groups and with my pitifully long time to establish friendships combined with a general misanthropy has lead to college being the best years of my life. I've stuck it out and have a few people I trust, but still can't really get close to anyone. Honestly, most of you have had at least one positive romantic experience, I haven't and this obviously influences my writing. Fuck you, you lucky bastards and bitches, I hate you all. That about wraps it up. Give me a fucking break, because I'm whiny.

P.S. Will fix the spelling when my keyboard merges into one.!

*Edit: Fixed most of the spelling, the vodka had me by the balls.


Anonymous the pope said...

you suck. you need to come over a week from saturday and drink with me.

3:42 AM  

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