Saturday, September 02, 2006

A reason or an excuse...

It's your choice. I'm having a hard time writing without being forced. I'm frankly becoming acutely aware of the limitations of life as a dedicated bachelor. The experience of "love" is one that many expect as evidenced by a few of the responses to the story I posted previously when it was given to my class. By disavowing all knowledge of something that is a large part of most male's lifestyle I see the limits. My own fault, as soon as I find a way to write away or around the limits of my experience, I shall return. I've honestly tried to write new stories (or revise old ones) for here, but my limits are hitting me harder than I expected on many of my "best" ideas. In summary, the fat alcoholic guy who writes this here site is whining instead of writing. Expect a lot of updates come November for National Write a Novel Month. No guarentee on quality, aside from stilted and terrible.


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